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What's Included
> 1 Recycling Cart
> Two 30 Gallon Cardboard Bins to help sort (additional available)
> 12 Clear White Bags - 45 Gallon (delivered every 12 weeks)
> 12 Clear Blue Bags - 33 Gallon (delivered every 12 weeks) 
> 1 Canvas Drawstring Tote for your Glass Storage.
> 1 Laminated Sheet with Recycle Instructions

You semi-sort the material, and we pickup every week.  Material needs to be in CLEAR bags and firmly tied.  Sundance will pick-up once-a-week.  

Metal = Tin & Aluminum Cans.

Plastic = Bottles, Tubs & Jugs
Paper = All Paper, Including Mail
Cardboard = Flattened
Glass = Jars & Bottles* 


Metals / Plastic -  Bagged Together in Blue Bags
Cardboard / Paper - Bagged Together in White Bags  
Glass - Tote Bag with draw string. Only put on the curb as needed.

*Be sure to review our complete terms and conditions for more details.