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Flat Rate Monthly Billing - No Hidden Fuel Surcharges.  Long-term price protection. 

We operate new or like-new equipment with up-to-date safety features like backup cameras. We also have GPS monitoring on each vehicle.   Your material will be collected safely and on-time.  Our trucks will be gentle on your roads and cul-de-sacs.  

Residential Service Includes:
1-96 Gallon Trash Cart emptied 1 x a week
> Additional bags are fine.
> Bushes and Branches should be cut and bound. 
> No construction debris allowed
> Please call ahead to schedule bulky items
> Bulk pick-up 1 x a month. (Please call ahead)

Not Included:
Tile, Dirt, Concrete
Wood, Fence, or Posts
Paint, Batteries,  or Hazardous Waste

Bulk Pickup examples:
Large Appliances
Water Heaters
Mattresses & Couches