Reasons to Recycle

Beyond the usual "you will save X amount of trees, and avoid X amount of fossil fuels..." we wanted to provide some other reasons. We are a company trying hard to make recycling available in rural areas outside of Fort Worth. This is only a sustainable business if lots of people sign up for either trash or recycling. Even if we lose money operating our recycling trucks and sorting facility,  the trash service can help keep things afloat.

In short: We know you need trash removal... you do NOT have to recycle. But by using Sundance, you help ensure your neighbors will continue to have the option.

Trash Service: Even if you chose not to recycle, you are supporting a company that does.
"Too Expensive"   We will price-match and beat any competitor. Contact us to see if we have any promotions.
"Switching is a Hassle" You can feel good knowing that you are supporting a good cause. Even if you only sign-up for trash service. We make it easy to sign-up online. We will even help you cancel with your current provider.


Recycling: Evidence suggests that recycling will make you happier.  If you recycle, your neighbors, friends and family will notice and give you props. 
"I don't care enough"


If one person in y our home cares, then do it for them. Consider being a role model for your friends, family and neighbors. 
"It costs too much" Consider signing up, and sharing the service with a neighbor 
"I don't think items are actually  getting recycled" Yes they are, and we can prove it. We purchased land and built our own sorting facility. We were offering recycling BEFORE we offered trash service.
"It seems like too much work" We try to make it easy. There are much more difficult altruistic causes (i.e donating blood). You will definitely have that feel-good feeling when you start... pretty soon, it will become second-nature. Or start with aluminum cans and plastic bottles only - you don't have to recycle everything.