What do I need to know about the bags?

Will will provide bags, but if you lose them you can also use your own... Just make sure they are clear bags, and that they are tied tightly. Large bags, small bags, it really doesn’t matter. We need you to put the cardboard in a bag as well… if you can’t tie it shut, just stuff the cardboard as snug as possible. We don’t want the recyclables blowing away while we drive down the road.  We will recycle the bags that you use so long as they don't get dirty.

What time do you pick up?

Please have your bags on the curb by 7am. We recommend putting your bags on the curb the night before.  If you forget, we will get everything picked up the following week.  Each neighborhood has a different service day.

What recycling is accepted?

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic bottles #1 & #2 – like soda, yogurt, detergent and shampoo.
  • Metal (aluminum or steel) cans & containers
  • Glass Jars and Bottles

Not Accepted (yet):

  • Any items with food, grease or fluid
  • Toys
  • Plastic bags, plastic wraps, plastic film, etc.
  • Solo Cups and Similar
  • Hazardous material, batteries and electronics
  • Organic Waste

How to I resolve a payment or service issue?

Please reach out to us via our contact page to have your payment issue or service issue resolved quickly.