About Us

Sundance Recycling (Est 2020) is a division of Sundance Disposal (Est 2012).

Sundance Disposal is a waste-brokerage company that specializes in negotiating competitive dumpster contracts for businesses and contractors. There are a lot of price-gauging and tricky contracts in the commercial and construction waste business, so Sundance was started as a free-market solution to fix that problem. 

Sundance Recycling was started in 2020 to solve a different problem: providing recycling to rural areas around Fort Worth. We started our operations in September 2020 doing residential recycle-only service. Then, in March 2021 we started Trash & Recycling services after acquiring a competitor in the area.

Why should you "Switch to Sundance"?
> In some regions, we are the ONLY recycle option. 
> Even if you choose not to recycle, you can support a company that does
> We operate new or like-new trucks with up-to-date safety features 
> We utilize GPS monitoring on each vehicle to ensure you are picked up 
> Trash & Recycling are picked up the same day.
> Our trucks are slightly smaller, so gentle on your roads and cul-de-sacs
> We are locally owned and operated. 

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