Why Now?

Everyone recycles for a different reason  -  below is  what caused us to spring into action:

  As part of her kindergarten curriculum, Josie and her classmates spent an entire month learning about recycling.  She would come home enthusiastic and eager to apply everything she learned only to be disappointed that we did not participate at home. Like many other families who live in rural areas, recycling is not offered or advertised… and certainly not convenient.   We hope to change that.

Recycling is not a political statement - It is good old-fashioned stewardship and conservation.  Yes It can be a tad inconvenient... but you feel GREAT about yourself; and your family and friends will approve!     
Sundance Recycling is a little different. We collect and sort our own recyclables – and we rely on our customers to help us with this process so that material doesn’t get redirected to the landfill or to unprepared Third World countries.

In addition, we are focusing on hard-to-reach rural areas - so that everyone has the opportunity to recycle.