Welcome Empire Disposal Residential Customers!

Starting March 1st, 2021, Sundance Recycling will take-over all residential operations from Empire Disposal (Waste and Recycling). More details below:

You can reach us three ways:

Email: support@sundancerecycling.com
Call: 817 888 6417 (Leave Voicemail)
Text: 833 635 0599 (Text Only)

1. Your pickup day will remain the same. You will be notified in advance of any changes.  Your carts will also stay... we will apply stickers with our logo later.
2. We send text message reminders the day before each pickup.
3. Please make sure your containers are set out on the curb by 8am
4. Important: We will add recycling for Empire Customers in TWO Phases. West of Chisholm Toll Road (March), then East of the Toll Road (April).   

Regarding Recycling:     

If you pay for 2 or more waste bins   You can add recycling for FREE
If you pay for only 1 waste bin  You can add recycling for $10/month
If you currently pay for multiple carts… then you can add recycling to your service at no charge.  One of your bins will continue to be used for trash, and the other one will be used for recycling.   If you currently pay for one cart, then you can add recycling for only $10/month.  If you were already a Sundance Recycling customer, then we will adjust your rate accordingly. 

Please be aware, our recycle system is going to be different then what you’re used to – but it is easy-to-learn and it ensures that MORE items get recycled. You can learn more about our "semi-sort" process here.

We look forward to serving you!

Andrew Clogg
Sundance Recycling