Recycling Just Got Easier!

To Our Recycle Customers,

Starting October 1st you will no longer put your recycling in the blue/clear bags.

All of your recycling should now remain loose and mixed together and put in your large rolling recycling cart.  You may keep your additional bags and sorting boxes and use them as you please.

We ask that you continue to follow our recycling guidelines; most notably: no clothes, glass, or food.

Sundance now services over 1000 homes with weekly recycling!  This new collection method will make it easier for us to handle future growth.

Thank you for helping us to fulfill our mission to provide sustainable recycling to rural Johnson, Parker, and Tarrant County. This would not be possible without you! Please continue to share our website with your neighbors:

We sincerely thank you,

Anna Clogg
General Manager / Co-Founder

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