Glass Recycling Suspended

First, Some Context:
Before we started offering trash this past March, Sundance was a recycle-only company.  Our goal from the beginning was to be a long-term sustainable business that serves rural areas.  As we grow, we are forced to make some hard decision for the overall health of our business.  We want to create a model that is SO sustainable, that other “mom-and-pop” trash companies will begin to replicate it across the country.  

Recycling in rural areas is rare.  Even the large publicly-traded trash companies with multi-million dollar recycle-facilities choose not to recycling in rural areas. Why? Because it is not considered profitable. It is much cheaper to dump trash in a large hole (aka landfill). Recycling involves a separate collection schedule, sorting, bailing and shipping.  In fact, rural recycling service is twice as expensive as trash service.  Urban-recycling is often driven by government regulation, municipal subsidies, and greater route-density / demand. 

Regarding Glass Pickup
At Sundance, we hand-sort our material at our own facility. Glass cannot be collected in the same truck because the shards of glass contaminate the other materials. In addition, the glass tears the bags and makes the sorting process more difficult. 

From an operations stand point, our truck and trailer method add liability, cost and labor challenges. From an environmental stand point, we have determined the ecological ramifications for glass in the landfill is much less than other items. So moving forward, please put all glass material in your trash.

We hope you understand our decision, and that you will continue to support us as we strive to build a sustainable rural-recycling program.


Andrew Clogg – Owner
Sundance Recycling

P.S. There is still a chance that we will resume glass recycling in the future. Please contact us directly if you have any feedback, questions, or concerns regarding this service change. We would be happy to call you back to discuss further.