Glass Collection Permanently Cancelled

Sundance Recycling was started to offer quality residential recycling options for rural areas. It is our goal to recycle as much material as possible in a fiscally sustainable way. We desire to serve you for years and years to come. 

This being said, we have determined that the risk, collection, and disposal of glass material is not cost-effective. By not collecting glass it means that we can focus our effort on the collection of a larger quantity of materials at a lower cost. For example, we are in the early planning stages of rolling out a clothing recycling program. Clothing and shoes are fantastic products to reuse and recycle and because of our dual stream process, Sundance is uniquely qualified to roll out this program. (More details to come!)

The environmental impact of glass is mostly caused during the manufacturing process. There are very few facilities that process recycled glass - the nearest facility to DFW is 3-4 hours away (round trip). That's why we think it is better to repurpose and reuse glass rather than to try and recycle it. In addition, if it does end up in the landfill, it does not contribute to greenhouse gases and it does not affect waterways and wild animals the same way plastics do. 

As we mentioned in our last blog post about glass recycling.... glass cannot be collected in the same truck because the shards of glass contaminate the other materials. While sending any material to the landfill is not ideal, we have determined the ecological ramifications for glass are much less than for other items.

We recognize that this may be a change in the service that you have become accustomed to. If you have concerns or thoughts, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via text, email, or phone. We LOVE talking about recycling and would be happy to further discuss the complexities of glass recycling. 


Your Sundance Recycling Team

P.S. In the next few years we plan to build a facility and have a space properly licensed and permitted so that customers can drop off a myriad of items to be recycled. This will likely include glass, but we also want to collect compost, yard waste, electronics, and paint.