We have a moderate-bulk policy. One FREE moderate-sized bulk item is included with your service every month, Examples of bulky items include things like love seats and smaller mattresses, old appliances, outdoor grills, broken furniture, etc. Anything larger in size than a refrigerator will have an extra charge.

Examples of Moderate Bulk = 1 Free (per month)
Pile of Brush (must be bound and cut to 4')
Most Appliances (Condensers must be removed)
Loveseat or Chair; Patio Furniture
Old TV's (Old Tube TV's have gas in the screens - so we only accept if screen is busted)
Push Mower, Grills, Table Saws, or Small Swing Sets
Bedside Tables
Moving boxes filled with miscellaneous trash

We encourage customers to try and post junk appliances online or call a local scrap yard to ensure items are recycled instead of going to the landfill.

Large = Charges (Larger Bulk Items)
Queen or King Mattress - $75
Queen or King Box Spring - $25
Full Size Couch - $75
Sectional Couch - $150

Construction Debris
Tree Stumps or Logs (anything thicker than 4")
Dirt, Concrete, Bricks
Cast Iron Bathtubs
Camper Shells
Household Hazardous Waste (like Paint, Oil and Batteries)
Tires / Batteries
Propane Bottles

Additionally, if you have tree limbs / branches, they must cut to manageable sizes for one person to handle... we recommend no longer than 4 feet and weighing not more than 50 lbs. Tree limbs cannot be wider than 4" in diameter.

Any appliances with a condenser (like a freezer, HVAC etc) must have the FREON removed before we can dispose of the unit. We encourage people to post junk appliances online for scrap recyclers who rely on scrapping for additional income. This also helps to items out of landfills.

Bags of leaves or lawn clippings are not considered bulk items, but branches and limbs would. If you have additional questions, you can call or text us to ask.