Bella Flora HOA

We updated the proposal again today 9/1/2021 to provide a side-by-side comparison to the Republic Service Quote.

Original 8/24/2021 post here:

We are just now getting feedback regarding the proposal we submitted to your HOA. We wanted to open the lines of communication, so that folks in your neighborhood can make an informed decision.

Price: We are adjusting our price fora Flora, and we will apply this new rate effective 9/1 to all existing Sundance Customers in your neighborhood.  Others in your neighborhood are also eligible for this offer - they can signup at  and use the promocodes at the bottom of this post. 

Pricing will be as follows:  

1 Trash = $15 / month
2 Trash = $20 / month
1 Trash + 1 Recycling = $30 / month

Here are few notable highlights which make our service special: 

Recycling: Our "dual-stream" recycle system is superior. 
> We provide bags, so recycling doesn't blow around your neighborhood
> Our contamination rate is less than 5%; versus single-stream recycling where almost half ends up in the landfill.

Equipment: Our trucks are 33% lighter / smaller then competitors - which will lead to less wear-and-tear.  We have 700 brand new carts sitting on our yard ready to deliver to new customers as well.

Service: We are committed to providing a superior experience
> Trash & Recycling emptied on the same day
> Trash & Recycling emptied before noon
> Text Message Reminders the night before

In addition, we offered a VIP Cart Return Service with our proposal. If entire HOA switches to Sundance, we will roll the carts back to each home for an additional $5/month (per home).  This will ensure all service is rendered and no carts on the street by 12pm. 

Contract / Billing: We are offering these competitive prices without needing a long-term contract.  In addition, we have flexible billing options available. 

Final Thoughts: We are committed to bringing a long-term and sustainable recycle solution to this region. We would love an opportunity to grow our business in Bella Flora.  Both the owner of Sundance Recycling and the General Manager live within 5 minutes of Bella Flora.  

Here is our proposal which we summited to your board and property management company. 

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.  

Andrew Clogg
Owner / Founder


BFTRASH - Trash Only service
BFRECY - Trash & Recycling Service