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We provide 24 bags... 12 blue, 12 clear. We require material be semi-sorted to ensure items get recycled properly. We provide you with cardboard bins for your garage and the bags are used as liners. Once full, you can tie bags and put them in your cart.

1. If your cart tips over, this keeps items from blowing all over.
2. This helps to reduce contamination. Our recycling has less than 5% contamination versus most municipalities who have almost 50% contamination.

You can watch this short video below. 

When a new customer signs up, we provide them with a 12-week supply of bags. We provide 12 clear bags, and 12 tinted-blue bags. We then schedule your next delivery exactly 12 weeks from your start-date.

1. You can purchase Extra Bag Supply from our website
2. You can purchase your own clear bags.

We do not limit the amount of bags that you can put on the curb. So we encourage folks to go ahead and buy extra.

Additionally, if your bags are not full, we recommend that you do NOT put them on the curb every week. If you wait and put your recycling out every other week, then you are less likely to run out of bags.

We send text message reminders to our customers on pick-up day. If you respond "SKIP" then our driver will know that you SKIP recycling for that week. (We never "Skip" Trash)

What's Included

> 1 Recycling Cart

> Two 30 Gallon Cardboard Bins to help sort (additional available)

> 12 Clear White Bags - 45 Gallon (delivered every 12 weeks)

> 12 Clear Blue Bags - 33 Gallon (delivered every 12 weeks) 

> 1 Canvas Drawstring Tote for your Glass Storage (Glass Emptied Once-A-Month)

> 1 Laminated Sheet with Recycle Instructions

You semi-sort the material, and we pickup every week. Material needs to be in CLEAR bags and firmly tied. Sundance will pick-up once-a-week.  

Metal = Tin & Aluminum Cans

Plastic = Bottles, Tubs & Jugs

Paper = All Paper, Including Mail

Cardboard = Flattened

Glass = Jars & Bottles* 

Metals / Plastic - Bagged Together in Blue Bags

Cardboard / Paper - Bagged Together in White Bags  

Glass - Tote Bag with draw string. We pickup once a month.

*Be sure to review our complete terms and conditions for more details


• Paper 

• Cardboard

• Plastic (Bottles, Tubs and Jugs)

• Metal (Food & Beverage Cans) 

• Glass (Jars and Bottles) 

Not Accepted

• Any items with food, grease or fluid

• Toys

• Plastic bags, plastic wraps, plastic film, etc.

• Batteries and electronics

• Organic Waste

Shredded paper should be bagged separately. 

When in doubt, throw it out! 

Not all paper and cardboard needs to be bagged. Large moving boxes, furniture boxes, etc can be flattened and put beside your cart. Put a large rock on top to keep the boxes blowing away. If it's raining outside, we ask you hold onto your boxes until the following week, or make sure they fit inside your cart. One common mistake people make is putting the boxes on the curb with large Styrofoam blocks inside... we do not recycle Styrofoam. 

We collect our glass the last pick-up of the month. So, if your pickup day is usually on Tuesdays, then we will pick-up glass on the last Tuesday of the month.

Because we have compaction trucks, the glass shatters and mixes with all the other recyclables. The sharp pieces, combined with the shredded bags, makes it much more difficult for our sorters.

Glass has an everlasting recycle life and we wanted to find a way to continue to recycle it. As such, we will have a dedicated truck that will run the last week of the month.

In addition to the glass totes that we provide, you can also use your own bin / box / bucket to store your glass. We will dump the glass once-a-month and then leave your storage containers on the curb to be used the following month.

Because we operate in rural areas, it can be VERY windy. Having the items bagged, prevents stuff from blowing around - especially when a cart tips over. It also helps keep items from blowing out the back of our truck. 

In addition, we sort the material ourselves at our own facility. This ensures that we have full control over the process and we can ensure items actually get recycled. In addition, we can sort the material quicker which ultimately lowers our cost.

Our bagged system is called Dual-Stream Recycling, and it has proven to significantly reduce contamination rates. Our contamination rate is less than 5% whereas many municipalities end up sending almost half (50%) of there "recyclables" to the landfill.  

By pre-sorting the material, we have an opportunity to educate our customers. If you are still unsure of how the process works, watch this video .


Yes, you can use your own cart. Depending on your neighborhood, we might request that you use one of ours. When customers use the provided Sundance carts, we charge for each additional cart... so if you have multiple carts, we would also charge for your additional carts. Sometimes we provide stickers with our company name that you can use to help identify the containers for our drivers. Sometimes people use one of our carts and one of their own.

We have a moderate-bulk policy. One FREE moderate-sized bulk item is included with your service every month. For details, visit our bulk pickup guidelines page.

Key Highlights:
1. Must remove condensers from appliances
2. Try posting appliance on FB so scrap metal companies will recycle them instead of them heading to the landfill
3. Brush piles must be cut to 4 feet length, and bound. Limbs cannot be thicker than 4"
4. Larger items have a charge (i.e. sectionals and king / queen mattress)
5. No Construction Debris
6. Nothing that can't be safely loaded by one person.
7. Must call ahead to schedule for your pickup day.
8. When in doubt, just ask
9. Bags & Leave or Lawn Clippings are not considered bulk.

More detailed information can be found on this post about bulk pickup guidelines.

Bags of leaves or lawn clippings are not considered bulk items, but branches and limbs would. If you have additional questions, you can call or text us to ask.

Residential Service Includes:

1-96 Gallon Trash Cart emptied 1 x a week

> We are not sticklers for extra bags

> Leaves should be bagged. Bushes and Branches cut and bound. 

> Please call ahead to schedule bulky items

> Bulk pick-up 1 x a month included at no charge

Not Included:

Tile, Dirt, Concrete,
Paint, Batteries, or Hazardous Waste

Construction Debris

Account Management

Click here to access your online customer portal and make a quick payment:

In order to have access to your online customer account, you need to enable that feature your account. So please contact us with the names and emails of any authorized individuals we need to your account.

Notice, right below the login credentials is a QUICK PAY button. You can use your invoice number and quick pay code without needing to setup an account.

If the above links are giving you problems, and we are unable to get this resolved quickly... then go ahead and make a payment here.  

Once your credentials have been used for payment, then we can enable auto-pay for you. 

If you are moving, or going on a long vacation, or simply no longer want to use our services anymore, please send us a notice in writing at least 30 days prior to your renewal term. We do not charge a removal fee, but we will not issue partial-credits or refunds.

Please familiarize yourself with our terms and conditions.

Our service is billed monthly, but we do require a minimum 3 month commitment which auto-renews. If you wish to make a switch to a competitor, we ask that you give us an opportunity to price-match.

If you are moving, we will ask that you keep your cart at the house for the new tenant to use. Please pass along our contact info to them.

If you wish to put your account on a vacation hold, you must contact us prior to the next billing cycle, and you must put your account on hold for a minimum 4-5 weeks to be eligible. Service-hold must coincide with an entire calendar month to simplify and streamline our billing processes)

Please reach out to us via our contact page to have your payment issue or service issue resolved quickly. You can call us and leave a voicemail message at 817 888 6417.

You can login to your customer portal to view service and billing details and update your information on-file.

We have GPS on our trucks to carefully track when trucks are in your area.

You will receive this recycling information flyer when you setup service. You help us sort on the front-end, and we do additional sorting on the back end. For example, we take all plastics bottle, tubs, jugs and containers... but there are 7 (seven) different types of plastics. Right now, we sort out the #1 and #2 separately because they are the highest in-demand plastics from local mills. The other plastics we mix together to have them sent off and shredded to be processed and used in other ways.

There are two types of cardboard... the thicker amazon-type boxes (corrugated cardboard) are separated from the thin cereal-box type boxes (which are mixed with paper). Shiny wrapping paper, or waxy cardboard has to be thrown away.

Glass is collected on a separate day because we can't have it mixing with the items. Glass shards contaminate the recycle load, and make it dangerous for our sorters.

Follow us on social media to see up-to-date posts about our sorting and processing. We own a facility in Godley, TX and we would be happy to setup a tour to show you at anytime. 


We ask our customers to have their bags on the curb by 7am. Even if we usually pickup your items in the afternoon, we may do a re-route. We try to finish our route by 4pm. If your items have not been collected by then, please call, email or text us.

Please note:
1.) We operate two separate trucks for trash and recycling. These trucks have independent schedules.
2.) All of our trucks have our logo on them. If you see a big white truck without a logo, then it's probably not us.
3.) We have GPS on our trucks. If you were missed, we will check to see when driver was in your area. We will also make sure you are routed correctly.
4.) If you are missed, we will get you picked up the following day if a truck is in your area.

Please have your bags and bins on the curb by 7am. We recommend putting your items on the curb the night before. We try to have the routes completed by 4pm. If you forget, we will get everything picked up the following week.

Trash & Recycling is picked up on the SAME day with DIFFERENT trucks. The Trash & Recycling operate at different times of the day.

There is no garbage or recycling collection service on:

New Years Day (January 1)
Christmas Day (December 25)
Thanksgiving Day (4th Thursday of November)
Labor Day (1st Monday of September)
Independence Day (July 4)

Your trash and recycling will be collected on your next regularly scheduled trash service day.

Memorial Day - Normal Schedule
Christmas Eve - Normal Schedule
Good Friday - Normal Schedule

We are currently the only company which offers rural residential recycling in the area.

Even if you choose not to recycle, you can support a company that does.

We operate new or like-new equipment with up-to-date safety features like backup cameras.

We have GPS monitoring on each vehicle to ensure you are picked up as scheduled.

Your material will be collected safely and on-time.

Our trucks are slightly smaller, and so they will be gentle on your roads and cul-de-sacs.  

We are locally owned and operated. We hire local as well.

We have our own recycling facility to ensure items actually get recycled.

New Customer / Setup

It is always helpful to try and cancel in writing so that you have documentation. If you cancel over the phone, have the company send you an email confirmation or text message. 

Find out when your final pick-up day will be, and then notify us so that we can have your new trash container delivered in time.

Some companies will try to charge you a "removable fee". Don't let them do this... unless there is an actual signed contract, this is a made-up charge. We have seen so much inconsistency in this area... sometimes cancelling is a quick phone call, and sometimes it requires a little more tenacity. Let us know if we can help. 

Our current service area map is below. Not sure if we service you? Contact us. Want to be added to our waitlist? Email us.

Please let us know if you have an urgent need for a trash container and we will prioritize. Otherwise, we make new deliveries twice-a-week.... usually on Monday's and then either Wed / Thurs. We can arrange to pickup your trash even before the carts - just let us know if you need this.

On average new sign-ups will receive their cart(s) within 2-5 business days.

One of our employees will call you in advance to confirm and coordinate your delivery. You will also receive email notifications.